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Causes Less Favor Current Sense Cold Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage in Indonesia. This drink is very delicious drink during morning and afternoon. Coffee has a flavor that can spoil the tongue because it has a sweet taste, bitter, and sour. If presented with the right dose it can produce nikamt and delicious taste.

But did you ever feel less comfortable when coffee is cold? Usually coffee in cold conditions will be more sour and can make you bloated. According to Adi W. Taroepratjeka, as Coffe Expert Indonesia reveals that the coffee grounds are less nikamat when cold state because it is influenced by our sense of taste. When the coffee in the cold, the sense of taste we will more easily detect a sour taste in the coffee.

Researchers from the Laboratory of Ion Channel Research in Cuba also revealed that the receptors in the tongue is more sensitive to molecules at room temperature (20-35 C). So, the food with heat conditions or colder than the temperature will not be detected by the sense of taste. So this makes the coffee is not so sour and bitter, but tend to be more delicious.

The temperature of the hot coffee will also create a more perfect scent. Indirectly make us more sensitive senses of smell and forget for a moment forget the sour and bitter taste in coffee. So for coffee lovers, gar enjoy drink while hot conditions.

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