Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Skin Vegetable and Fruit Edible

Usually people kuilit peel fruit that will be consumed. You need to know if the porters fruits contain many more nutrients than fruit core. So, when you peel and discard the rind without realizing you have to throw the essential nutrients needed by the body.

There are several fruits and vegetables that have a lot of nutrients in the skin. Consider the following review.

1. Pineapple. Rarely do people know if the skin of pineapple contains bromelain. The content is able to help digestion berfungsu well. Your skin makes bauah pineapple as a mixture of salad or other menus.

2. Stalk kale. You need to know if the stalks of kale are rich in fiber and insoluble fiber. Tersebuh fiber serves to clean the walls of your digestive system.

3. Skin cucumbers. Cucumber skin is usually removed when going to eat it. But you have to know if the cucumber skin contains vitamin K which is good for bone health.

4. Skin onions. It may look strange when eating onion skin to skin. But you can mix it into the broth, dup, or drinks. Onion skin nutrients that can fight heart disease because it is rich in carcinogenic.

5. The Down corn. You need to know if the fuzz on corn contains vitamin K and potassium. To eat them you can mix them into hot tea.

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